Here at SMA Trade Group, we are proud to offer Air Conditioning Services. 

Pricing for Air Conditioning Supply and Installation packages are as follows:

​Gree Cosy Split System Air-Conditioners

(GST Included) (Supply Only) 

2.5kw - $702.65  (small bedroom up to 12m2) 

3.5kw – $808.45  (large bedroom up to 20m2)

5.2kw – $1043.65  (small lounge up to 28m2)

6.3kw – $1281.22  (small lounge up to 35m2)

7.0kw – $1382.93  (normal lounge up to 40m2)

8.0kw - $1622.02 ( normal lounge above 40m2)

Gree R32 Split System Air-Conditioners 

(Standard Wi-Fi connection) (GST Included) (Supply only)

2.5kw – $808.50

3.5kw – $915.07

4.6kw – $1107.40

5.2kw – $1247.25

6.1kw – $1456.50

7.0kw – $1583.40

8.0kw – $1828.25

9.4kw – $2334.50

The prices advertised above are for the supply and installation of Gree Air Conditioning units. We are happy to supply other brands upon request.

We are also happy to install any unit that you may have pre-purchased yourself. 

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Terms & Conditions

  • Indoor unit mounted on a perimeter wall to allow for condensation to drain to outside of building.
  • Outdoor unit to be mounted on either a polyslab on the ground of a wall bracket at a height of less than 1.8m above finished ground level.
  • Refrigerant pipe, duct and wiring up to 3m between the indoor and outdoor units. Additional length is $35/m.
  • 2.0kw – 4.9kw units will be provided with up to 10m of power supply cable, with power sourced from the nearest general power circuit.
  • Units over 5.0kw will be provided with up to 25m of power supply cable, with power sourced from the local switchboard and protected by a dedicated safety switch.
  • Access to site must be clear of obstructions, with parking available onsite.
  • Additional surcharge for any work relating to the cutting, drilling or removal of asbestos. This work will be completed by a licensed 3rd party asbestos remover. 
  • Payment required at the time of installation.