Here at SMA Trade Group, we provide the best solution for all your electrical, air conditioning, building and garden maintenance needs. 

We pride ourselves on hard work, communication, understanding, integrity and cleanliness.

We Respect Your Space

Here at SMA Trade Group, we carry out our services with integrity and are respectful towards all clients and workspaces that we come into contact with.

Our Pricing is Honest

We will not recommend more than is required. We offer quotes that are competitive with consideration to budget and the expectations of our clients.

Cleaning of Work Areas

We may make a mess whilst working at your property.  However, we will leave your property how we found it. Our team will always clean and tidy the work area/s on completion of the job.

We Work Better, Faster & Smarter

We are always looking for new ways we can innovate and improve everything we do!  We ask ourselves, 'Can we do this smarter, faster or for better value?'  We constantly challenge ourselves and we never settle for the status quo.